Tuesday, December 22, 2009

makeup sale

Hey guys I have a big sale going with lots of specials.
Please email me at tunerchick@aol.com or pm me and I can invoice you.
All packages where you would buy all in the picture include free shipping.
All other orders shipping is $2 for 1-2 items and $3 for all others no matter how many items.
Check my great feedback on makeupgeek forum.
packages will all have tracking and tracking will be emailed same day item is shipped:)
Thanks guys

lipsticks left to right
mac pink cabana (f) (swatched once)$8
mac pro charred red ***SOLD***
mac barely lit (BN LE)$14
mac gilty kiss (swatched once LE) $10
mac speak louder ***SOLD***
mac girl sabout town ***SOLD***
mac fresh buzz (swatched 2x)$8
mac on hold ***SOLD****
estee lauder all day classic nude (lightly swatched once)$8


yaby palette with 12 yaby eyeshadows $30
palette has mirror and 40 slots.
colors from top to bottom rows
first row left to right pp029, es492, pp011
second row es491, pp017, es160
third row es642, es631
fourth row es061, es382
fifth row pp005, es093

ysl 30 years of beauty limited edition eyeshadow palette in couleurs d'afrique
comes with box sleeve and wand (swatched lightly once)

josie maran products left to right
fingerpaints in lovely (swatched once) $12
cream bronzer in beach 1 (swatched once) $12

top row left to right
mac mi lady ***SOLD***
mac family silver ***SOLD****
mac play on plums ***SOLD***
mac pink split ***SOLD****
bottom row left to right
mac fresh green mix (LE swatched 2x) $14
mac danger zone ***SOLD***

left to right
mac richmetal highlighter in female ***SOLD****
mac rare and refined richmetal highlighter very rare (swatched 2x) $11


top row left to right
all mac liners sold
mac iris eyes ****SOLD***
coastal scents maroon ****SOLD****
coastal scents deep plum ***SOLD****
coastal scents white (swatched once) $3
mac marine ultra ***SOLD***
mac lovely lily (brand new) $14
mac chartreuse ***SOLD***

nars palettes left to right
carvaggio ***SOLD***
persepolis (swatched once) $20
cleo (swatched once) $20
lashes top to bottom
lashes in 35 (brand new) $8
hello kitty lash ***SOLD***

smolder eye kohl ***SOLD***
stripdown lip pencil (brand new) $8
sublime culture cremestick liner (swatched 2x) $8
fly by blu pearlglide eye liner ***SOLD***
fab orchid/dash lily dual edge eye pencil (swatched once) $10
engraved powerpoint eye pencil (swatched 2x) $8
pink couture shadestick (swatched 2x) $12
electrolady liquidlast liner (brand new) $12


ts13 cherry, cool blue, hot pink ***SOLD***
ts17 frosted flake, slate, iced mocha ***SOLD***
ts01 white, gray, black ***SOLD***
single eyeshdows left to right
es11 iced mocha swatched once $2
es09 deep bronze swatched once $2
es27 white pearl swatched once $2

top to bottom first row left to right,
estee lauder 03 pink quartx eyeshadow(swatched once) $7
clinique eyeshadow in 291 clementine (swatched once) $7
estee lauder eyeshadow in 05 cherry (swatched once) $7
second row
too faced eyeshadows $9 each (swatched once) in
vixen ***SOLD***
little black dress
(all swatched 1-2 times)
third row
urban decay eyeshadow in jones $9(swatched once)
makeup stores eyeshadow in ginger leaf $5(swatched once)

first row left to right
stila eyeshadow palette (LE) with flower ***SOLD****
stila starlet palette in the pastel look (LE brand new) $12
second row left to right
stila precious eye shadow palette ***SOLD***
stila duo eyeshadow in lily (swatched once) $5

mac phosphur nailpolish
(brand new) super hard to find rare $10

black lipstick in fantasy makers (brand new) $1
left to right
jessica simpson desert treats lipgloss in banana split ***SOLD***
victorias secret sweet talk lipgloss in wild berries **SOLD***
vs beauty rush lipgloss in light pink (brand new) $2
vs beauty rush lipgloss in juiced berry (brand new) $2
vs shadow in jet set $2
vs shadow in plum passion (brand new) $3
vs shadow in bronze ambition $2
vs shadow in money baby (brand new) $3
vs shadow in blutopia $2

loreal lipcolor in plum pactful (brand new) $3
loreal lipcolor in bountiful berry (swatched once) $2
loreal linear intense copperbrown cougar (swatched once) $2
wet n wild light pink lip pencil (brand new) $1
jordana eye pencil in bleutiful ***SOLD**
styli style glitter lid liner black (brand new) $2
jordana color extend eye liner in spring green***SOLD***
styli style glitter lid liner silver (brand new) $2
vs lip liner in 22 metallica (swatched once) $1

eyeshadow palettes top left to right all for $18
loreal sheer brights LE in hyper green (swatched once) $5
maybelline eye quad in rock and black (brand new) $5
loreal LE quad in celebration of strength $5
bottom left to right
revlon cream shadow in moonlight jewels (LE good base swatched once) $5
prestige shadow in ballet (swatched once)$2

loreal hip duos ***SOLD***

top row left to right all for $17
lola lipgloss set (BNIB) $5
makeup store lipstick in delight (swatched once)$4
makeup store lipstick in summer (swatched once)$4
clinique perfect beige (swatched 2x) $5
bottom lancome juicy tubes lipgloss in beach plum (BN)$3

top pencils top to bottom
stila lipglaze stick in ginger bread (ib swatched once)$5
stila mini lipglaze in brown sugar (BN)$3
left to right
mac colour forms cool lips set (LE) (BNIB)$20
makeup store duo creme blush in glow (swatched 2x)$8
mac hello kitty pink fish lip conditioner ***SOLD****

top left to right
bobbi brown longwear cream shadow in bellini (swatched 2x)$10
beaute liquigel stain in flouron (BNIB) as seen on many celebs$20
urban decay liquid liner in perversion ***SOLD****

earrings left to right
black and silver hoops ***SOLD***
guess earrings $8
china glaze **SOLD**

Friday, August 21, 2009

sneak peak into whats coming..........

ed hardy perfume vs viva la juicy

Ok so I was set on the Viva la Juicy perfume until I smelled the Ed Hardy. I love both and I need you guys to help me decide?

Makeup art cosmetics

So what did you all get from the new collection? I will post a video as soon as i get my new camera:)

hey Guys

I will be back very soon. I just want to try and get a better camera before I post videos again:) I miss you all and love you. See you soon in full force:)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hey sorry guys:)
I have been MIA. My mom came to visit me and I have been spending time with her but as soon as she leaves I will get back to normal posts and videos. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

fave eyeshadows from colour craft

Hey everyone
I have been wearing the Colour Craft eyeshadows and my fav eyeshadows from Colour Craft are girlish romp and odd bits.
I love the pink and violet colors from Girlish romp. But I warn the white and tangerine are both very shiny :( but still love the violet and pink:) and love all the colors from odd bits. I really like the combo of the gold and the mauvey color:)

The other ones I am returning because I am just not crazy about them on me:(
You really need a base with them and watch out cuz some colors have fallout but just pat it on with a 139 or dupe. :)
Just wanted to give you guys an update
If you have any questions about certain colors, let me know:)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Makeup sale update:(

So all the packages that i sent out got sent back to me at my surprise:( At least now I know what was taking so long. The post man was supposed to come pick up my packages downstairs in my apartments mailroom. Im not sure what happened but they dropped all the packages back to me. I already sent them back out and put in a little something for all of you that should have gotten them last week:( I am soooo sorry guys, this has never happened to me before and hopefully you should get the packages thursday. I linked this shipment to paypal so that you guys can track it and printed through them this time. Im soooo sorry my loves, I know how it is waiting for makeup to come in.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nordstrom pre orders

Hey! If you guys presaled any nordstrom things, I just got word that they are allowing pick ups starting 14th instead of 17th. So call your nordstrom and see if its the same everywhere:)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mini Haul Whole foods, beauty crunch and costal scents

whole foods makeup
Alba terragloss in dawn$5
parenzano lip pearls in seashell $15

Top row left to right............
too faced new romantic palette from beautycrunch.com $11 (steal for these colors)
coastal scents 66 lip color palette (amazing for funky custom colors) www.coastalscents.com 18.95
Bottom row left to right;
benefit crescent row perfume sample set (got it at sephora as a free gift)
stila backstage beauty palette in the runway look with mini onyx liner and cute flower tie (love this!!!) beautycrunch.com $15

Colour Craft Haul:)

Hey Guys so Colour craft got me! The lippies on top are........
left to right made with love, trimming talk, colour craft and saint germain

eyeshadows; top row left to right......
assemblage, odd bits, eccentricity
Bottom row left to right..........
fashion patch, girlish romp

Blush top row left to right;
cheek and cheerful, improvise and fad-dabulous
bottom row; daft pink and hand-finish

Lipglasses top to bottom
eclectic edge, miss marble and funky fusion

MSFS whole color left to right
cheeky bronze, sunny by nature and porcelain pink

MSF's tri color left to right;
triple fusion, smooth merge and warm blend!
That is what I got I will post a review on everything I got today or tomorrow on here:)

New Twitter:)

Hey guys! So I got a new twitter because mine got deleted somehow by youtube hater hackers. The new twitter is http://twitter.com/angelformakeup


Friday, July 10, 2009

Fake Mac on ebay

Hey I am shocked that people are selling this on ebay! This palette is completely fake so guys be careful what you buy on ebay. The original palettes only have three colors in each:)

Pigments are also something that you have to be very careful with. Some fake ones even have a pour out type lid. So be careful because you dont want to put sketchy stuff on your eyes:)

Love you guys!!!! I am usually good at spotting fakes so if you would like email or post a pic to me and I can try to help:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Colour Craft

I need all this:) I need to narrow it down because my shopping cart said $550. I feel like I need all the blushes and msfs. lol Help
Ill let you guys know what I get tomorrow on twitter and I will make a video on friday:)


Hey everyone:) So im a little sad because I got told to get a better hair cut, nutrsisystem, thinner eyebrows, a life and a job! I made a few videos same day, right before my appointment to the waxer and hairdresser:( I also weigh 105 so I am just surprised with people:) But onto makeup.......................

Monday, July 6, 2009

Nordstrom pre order

Hey Guys, So this is what I preordered from Mac's Nordstrom exclusive collection:)
I was only going to get one thing but the colors are so pigmented:)