Saturday, July 11, 2009

Colour Craft Haul:)

Hey Guys so Colour craft got me! The lippies on top are........
left to right made with love, trimming talk, colour craft and saint germain

eyeshadows; top row left to right......
assemblage, odd bits, eccentricity
Bottom row left to right..........
fashion patch, girlish romp

Blush top row left to right;
cheek and cheerful, improvise and fad-dabulous
bottom row; daft pink and hand-finish

Lipglasses top to bottom
eclectic edge, miss marble and funky fusion

MSFS whole color left to right
cheeky bronze, sunny by nature and porcelain pink

MSF's tri color left to right;
triple fusion, smooth merge and warm blend!
That is what I got I will post a review on everything I got today or tomorrow on here:)

1 comment:

  1. awesome haul... you should post a look when u use the products