Wednesday, July 15, 2009

fave eyeshadows from colour craft

Hey everyone
I have been wearing the Colour Craft eyeshadows and my fav eyeshadows from Colour Craft are girlish romp and odd bits.
I love the pink and violet colors from Girlish romp. But I warn the white and tangerine are both very shiny :( but still love the violet and pink:) and love all the colors from odd bits. I really like the combo of the gold and the mauvey color:)

The other ones I am returning because I am just not crazy about them on me:(
You really need a base with them and watch out cuz some colors have fallout but just pat it on with a 139 or dupe. :)
Just wanted to give you guys an update
If you have any questions about certain colors, let me know:)

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